The Evil Earworm

The Evil Earworm: More Annoying Than A Baby On An Airplane.

The Evil Earworm: More Annoying Than A Baby On An Airplane.
The Evil Earworm

The Evil Earworm

How It Works

1. Flip the power switch and choose medium or high volume. 
2. Press the button to choose a sound byte to play every few minutes, for the next few days.
3. Hide and giggle. (Attaches to metal with magnets)

  • Plays Annoying Sounds Every Few Minutes for 3+ days.
  • Choose From Watch Alarm, Chirping Crickets, Erie Shriek, High Frequency Beep, Wet Fart or Modern Ringtones
  • In Retail Packaging
  • Pre-Order Exclusively on, For Delivery Before Christmas!

Yes, somehow we do have Frequently Asked Questions.

More annoying than a baby on an airplane.
Don’t hide, that could blow your cover. “Uhhhhh, Tom, why are you behind the water cooler?” “Because it makes the room look all stretchy.” …Being the least suspicious person in the room is paramount to successfully pulling off “the long prank.” Don’t laugh, don’t ask, divert blame to others.
Class gets canceled, the entire office is searching for this thing, electronics being thrown out the window, primal screaming.
Got a tiny screw driver and some tiny batteries handy? Unlike your $800 cell phone, yes, you can replace the batteries. However, it is about the size of a golf ball, and if we sell a bunch of these I may just go for a vacation in Bali, in one of those little huts on the ocean.